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Author brett.cannon
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Date 2008-10-22.22:52:13
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On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 3:39 PM, Benjamin Peterson
<> wrote:
> Benjamin Peterson <> added the comment:
> Oh, do we not consider __warningsregistry__ an implementation detail?

I guess you could view it that way. I just know I find it extremely
annoying for testing for the exact reasons JP mentions; it's
unexpected if you don't know about it.

If we made __warningsregistry__  about just recording what warnings
have been raised and not include filter information (which I what I
think you are suggesting) then it would still server its purpose,
albeit for probably a small performance penalty. Probably whomever
came up with it over-optimized and just didn't realize that it might
play havoc with testing.
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