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In response to 74742:

> This issue doesn't stop here, here's another situation:
Python is compiled with MSVC9. A user has it and MSVC9 SP1 installed,
which has a newer CRT version. If he builds site-packages, these files
have an embedded manifest with another CRT version than the python
interpreter itself. Importing these packages loads a second copy of a
CRT into the processes memory, just like described above.

This is not true. For MSVC9SP (VS2008) Microsoft decided that by 
default, it will still compile against the original CRT. Only by 
explicitly adding a compiler flag can you use the updated SP1 CRT (they 
did this because the 2005SP1 caused so much grief, which did 
automatically upgrade the CRT, and subsequently companies did not roll 
out SP1 to prevent the mixing of CRTs). So you can safely compile using 
SP1 installed, and you will at least still use the same CRT version.
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