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Author loewis
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Date 2008-10-15.07:12:27
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Here is a patch. It refactors the 2to3 support into a function in util,
and adds build_scripts support.

For build_scripts, the approach is slightly different from the one
proposed by Mark: I modify copy_scripts to collect the modified files,
and return them along with outfiles. Modifying copy_file is
insufficient, as it doesn't support the case of adjust.

I'm skeptical about adding build_data support, as it's not obvious what
files would need conversion. Users should adjust their build_data
commands to invoke distutils.util.run_2to3. I would appreciate a
confirmation that this function has a useful API.

In this version, I don't pass any options to the RefactoringTool
anymore, and I arrange to delete the backup files.
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