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Para 1: Thank you.

Pars 2: I understand and accept your concern.

Para 3. You are right odd comparisons are the root of several problems.
Following you suggestion, let's at least add one blanket,
cover-our-asses warning at the bottom of the comparison section.  Example:

"Warning: if comparisons among container members violate the usual
rules, container operations may give unexpected or anomalous results."

Possibly add "We will not try to document the various possibilities."

I think something at the bottom of lib ref/numbers, possibly pointing to
Nan != Nan (which some users will not know about), would also be a good

Just to finish Mark's example
>>> s = {fractions.Fraction(17,1), decimal.Decimal(17)}
>>> s-{17}

Subtracting a set with one member removes two members and gives a
different answer than just removing that member.  But this is more an
issue for 4087
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