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Author ronaldoussoren
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Date 2008-10-07.12:31:54
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Annoyingly enough my patch isn't good enough, it turns out that ctypes 
has introduced a SIZEOF__BOOL definition in and that needs 
special caseing as well.

pymacconfig.h.patch2 fixes that issue as well. Do you have access to a 
PPC G5 system? I've determined the correct value of SIZEOF__BOOL for 
that platform by reading the assembly code for a small test program and 
hence am not 100% sure that sizeof(_Bool) actually is 1 on that 

One other annoying issue cropped up: consistently hangs in 
test_signal (with 100% CPU usage) when I run it in rossetta (PPC 
emulator). I'll test this on an actual PPC machine as well, this might 
well be an issue with the PPC emulator.
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