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Author mrabarnett
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Date 2008-10-02.22:51:05
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I've extended the group referencing. It now has:

Forward group references


\g-type group references

    (n is name or number)
    \g<n> (Python re replacement string)
    \g{n} (Perl)
    \g'n' (Perl)
    \g"n" (because ' and " are interchangeable)
    \gn   (n is single digit) (Perl)

    (n is number)
    \g{+n} (Perl)
    \g{-n} (Perl)

\k-type group references

    (n is group name)
    \k<n> (Perl)
    \k{n} (Perl)
    \k'n' (Perl)
    \k"n" (because ' and " are interchangeable)
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