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Author timehorse
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Date 2008-09-26.18:04:36
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Phew!  Okay, all you patches have been applied as I said in a previous
message, and you should now be able to check out
lp:~pythonregexp2.7/python/issue2636+01+09-02+17+18+19+20+21+24+26 where
you can then apply your latest known patch (rc2+7) to add a fix for the
findall / finditer bug.

However, please review my changes to:

a) lp:~pythonregexp2.7/python/issue2636-01+09-02+17
b) lp:~pythonregexp2.7/python/issue2636-01+09-02+17+26
c) lp:~pythonregexp2.7/python/issue2636-01+09-02+17+18+26
d) lp:~pythonregexp2.7/python/issue2636-01+09-02+17+18+19+20+21+26

To make sure my mergers are what your code snapshots should be.  I did
get one conflict with patch 5 IIRC where a reverse attribute was added
to the SRE_STATE struct, and get a weird grouping error when running the
tests for (a) and (b), which I think is a typo; a compile error
regarding the afore mentioned missing reverse attribute from patch 3 or
4 in (c) and the SRE_FLAG_REVERSE seems to have been lost in (d) for
some reason.

Also, if you feel like tackling any other issues, whether they have
numbers or not, and implementing them in your current development line,
please let me know so I can get all the documentation and development
branches set up.  Thanks and good luck!
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