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Date 2008-09-26.17:58:36
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I found at least one bug:

% Detect if we're using XeLaTeX
}{% not using xelatex
  \newif\ifxetex\xetexfalse         %(line 69)
should say:

That makes it possible to run through without any serious errors.

However the index is still defective. Here are the relevant line from
"reference.log" (just as an example):

Writing index file reference.idx


No file reference.ind.

] (reference.aux) )
Something with your suffixes seems to be incorrect, but I cannot find
it. I guess you are using a built-in macro, but you're not obeying the
filename specifications correctly. Otherwise the index should be included. 

The generated PDF looks far better, but still lacks a proper footer. The
current footer is just "Contents" (at least for reference.pdf,
documenting.pdf, extending.pdf file).
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