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Author timehorse
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Date 2008-09-26.13:11:21
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Did you upload a public SSH key to your Launchpad account?

You're on MS Windows, right?  I can try and do an install on an MS
Windows XP box or 2 I have lying around and see how that works, but we
should try and solve this vexing thing I've noticed about Windows
development, which is that Windows cannot understand Unix-style file
permissions, and so when I check out Python on Windows and then check it
back in, I've noticed that EVERY python and C file is "changed" by
virtue of its permissions having changed.  I would hope there's some way
to tell Bazaar to ignore 'permissions' changes because I know our edits
really have nothing to do with that.

Anyway, I'll try a few things visa-vi Windows to see if I get a similar
problem; there's also the forum
where you can post your Bazaar issues and see if the community can help.
 Search previous questions or click the "Ask a question" button and type
your subject.  Launchpad's UI is even smart enough to scan your question
title for similar ones so you may be able to find a solution right away
that way.  I use the Launchpad Answers section all the time and have
found it usually is a great way of getting help.
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