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I have an app which wants to use a mostly curses interface with some 
parts readline, however, doing so much as "import readline" causes 
readline to claim ownership of sigwinch, thus breaking the ability of 
the app to resize.

Worse, it seems to claim it at the C level -- doing signal.getsignal
(signal.SIGWINCH) returns SIG_DFL, so I can't see anything I can do at 
the python level to manually set the signals to be handled in the way I 
want :-/

I would think it best to set the handler at the start (for 
compatability, and because the vast majority of apps will expect it 
that way), but set it via python's signal module, so that app writers 
can take the signal handler and call it in their own way (In my case, I 
want the app to listen for the signal, and the app's handler will call 
readline's and curses's handlers in turn)
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