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Date 2008-09-23.19:19:23
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Zooko, I think the main reason for the parser in to fail on
Ubuntu is that Ubuntu doesn't ship with a /etc/ubuntu-release file and
instead uses the optional override parameters in /etc/lsb-release to
setup the distribution values.

E.g. on my Ubuntu box it has these lines:


I guess we'll need to add a special parser for lsb-release files which
then gets tried *after* having tried the /etc/<distro>-release files
(this is how the lsb_release command works as well) and overrides any
settings found in the <distro>-release file.

If that doesn't work either, the function will need to fallback to

There's no need to start a subprocess for running lsb_release. 

Please also note that the subprocess module is not available in Python
2.1, so it's not an option anyway ( defines it's own popen()
helper which should be used instead).
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