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Author ncoghlan
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Date 2008-09-22.21:02:03
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Patch comments:
- the test suite section of the diff appears to have a number of changes
that are unrelated to this issue
- the purpose of the new do_not_close flag (i.e. avoiding the crash)
could use a comment at the point where it is referenced in the code
- aren't all those dummy=DB_close_internal(*) + Py_XDECREF calls also in
need of the PyErr_Clear() treatment?
- globally clearing *any* error unconditionally is typically a bad idea.
If there are certain 'expected' errors (such as the No Server error
Victor was triggering or other BSDDB errors) then those can be cleared
silently, but for other errors something should at least be written to
stderr to indicate that an error was ignored because it couldn't be
propagated back to the eval loop (and possibly even for the BSDDB errors).
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