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Well, I implemented this months ago, but have been busy with other
things so I haven't updated in a while.  I noticed that the current
version is missing my patches for Atomic Grouping / Possessive
Qualifiers and a number of other patches I added in #2636 , but I do
have working test cases and documentation updates for all the features
I've so far implemented as well as splitting my work into separate
sub-issues to make individual selection easier -- though with a number
of my modifications, I found that there are SO MANY co-dependencies
between, say, an engine modification (item 9) and adding Atomic Grouping
/ Possessive Qualifiers (item 1) and using shared Engine Constants (item
10) that I need a branch for Atomic, a branch for Atomic + Engine Mod 1,
Atomic + Engine Mod 2, Atomic + Shared Constants, Atomic + Engine Mod 1
+ Shared Constants AND Atomic + Engine Mod 2 + Shared Constants, and
those were just THREE item co-dependencies.  My code is all off of the
trunk line for 2.6 and is currently available via my Bazaar repository
under, where you can access any
source tree via the bazaar version control client.  The main reason I
got stumped in my development which might otherwise have implemented ALL
the issues I intended by now is that very situation I just described
where development of new features is NOT mutually independent.  You can
see by all my branches that the multiplicity of A or B or C is just
nightmarish, but what had to be done to keep issues independent.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to having a look at your suggestions and
think we may take best advantage with combining our work visa vi these
things; after all, there's no point re-inventing the wheel.

Thanks again for your contribution, Matthew!
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