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Date 2008-09-14.11:41:52
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sources: 2.6rc1 tarball
system: FreeBSD 6.3 i386, gcc 3.4.6 (system compiler)
build:  ./configure; make

When run as part of the regression suite, test_signal fails.  When run
on its own, it passes.

In the failure case, the runtime of the test (as part of the whole test
run) appears to be several minutes, but when run on its own it completes
in < 10s.

This will require some random order regression runs to try and identify
the prior test which is provoking whatever is going wrong.

This issue has been around for several months at least, as I first
became aware of it with a checkout of r63892 on both FreeBSD 6.3 [gcc
3.4.6] and 7.0 [gcc 4.2.1] for both i386 and amd64 environments, but I
haven't had the opportunity to do the followup checking.
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