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Date 2008-09-11.06:24:28
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Ok, thank you for clarifications. Now I understand why the hostname
checking isn't the solution that fits every problem. I am still not
completely clear how you'd do the checking otherwise, for example to
verify the service you are talking to is what you think it is.

But still, I think dealing with email servers is another common use case
where hostname check is adequate most of the time. I am sure there are
other cases like this. Therefore I am still of the opinion that the
default should be to do the hostname check. Yes, make it overridable,
but doing the check is safer than not doing any checking IMO because
even if the check is incorrect for a certain purpose the developer is
likely to notice an error quickly and inclined to do some other security
check instead of not doing anything and thinking they have a secure system.

If you want to continue the discussion, we should maybe take this to
some other forum, like comp.lang.python.
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