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As indicated by other posters, this *IS A* serious issue with urllib2 as
it does not do CONNECT for HTTPS through Proxy and it fails.

chrisl, I verified your patch and it works properly. I made some minor
changes (make a method private and changes w.r.t code in the trunk) and
also added tests and NEWS to support its inclusion in the trunk. 

Facundo, we should try to include this in py26/py3k, I have attached the
patch for both.

There is a extra patch for which tests real-time
HTTPS connectivity taking the proxies from environment variables
(HTTPS_PROXY). However, that has a serious dependency on Issue1251,
which is still in Open state.  When the bug Issue1251 is fixed, we can
include the  issue1424152-py26-test_urllib2net.diff separately.
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