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Date 2008-08-21.22:00:12
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mainloop() is a method of a Tkapp object, but it's also a method of 
_tkinter module. In TkApp_MainLoop, self is seen as a TkappObject 
whereas it can be a module object! So instruction 
like "self->dispatch=1" will replace a random byte in the module 
object (eg. ob_type attribute). Example to crash:
  import gc
  import _tkinter

It always crashs in my Python 3.0, but not in Python 2.6.

Solution: just remove _tkinter.mainloop() => it should have no side 
effect since users use tkinter (without the "_") which only uses 
Tkapp.mainloop() (the right way to use Tkapp_MainLoop() function). 
Solution "implemented" in the patch.
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