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Author mgiuca
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Date 2008-08-20.16:15:00
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A similar issue came up in another bug
(, and Guido said:

"IMO it's okay to add encodebytes(), but let's leave encodestring()
around with a deprecation warning, since it's so late in the release cycle."

I think that's probably wise RE this bug as well - my original
suggestion to REPLACE tostring/fromstring with tobytes/frombytes was
probably a bit over-zealous.

I'll have another go at this during some spare cycles tomorrow -
basically taking my current patch and adding tostring/fromstring back
in, to call tobytes/frombytes with deprecation warnings. Does this sound
like a good plan?

(Also policy question: When you have deprecated functions, how do you
document them? I assume you say "deprecated" in the docs; is there a
standard template for this?)
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