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Date 2008-08-19.16:09:17
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Just saw a couple of docs checkins go by suggesting that the camelCase
names will be unavailable in 3.x. Remember that the intent *isn't* to
remove the old names from - we're just adding the PEP 8
names so that multiprocessing can have a PEP 8 compliant API while still
being close to a drop-in replacement for the 2.6 version of the
threading module.

This means that all of the DeprecationWarnings and so forth can be left
out completely.

Regarding your patch Jesse:
- if I remember rightly, get_exitcode() can block waiting for the other
process to finish, which makes turning it into a property a fairly
questionable idea (p.get_exitcode() blocking is a lot less surprising
than "p.exitcode" doing so)
- the get/set documentation for the new properties can probably be
consolidated, but that isn't a major problem as far as this week's beta
is concerned.
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