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Author nedds
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Date 2008-08-18.17:59:25
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What's the current status of this? If nobody is working on it, I would
be willing to give it a shot. Can somebody just confirm that I have a
correct understanding of the problem.
UserDict.UserDict needs a deprecation warning, UserDict.IterableUserDict
becomes collections.UserDict, and UserDict.Mixin becomes
collections.MutableMapping. Then for keys(), items(), and values(), I
want to replace something like d.keys() to list(d.keys()). 
One added question: based on what I gathered from PEP 3106, this last
part is only needed in a situation such as a = d.keys(), but not a
situation like for key in keys:, so because in the later case wrapping
the call to keys() in list() would presumably be suboptimal, is this
something I should try and avoid? I'm not sure exactly how it could be
done, but I have some idea of how it to do it.
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