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Author mark.dickinson
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Date 2008-08-17.13:29:23
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Here's a patch that fixes the incref problem for me.  This *definitely* 
needs review from someone more familiar with the multiprocessing module 
than I am;  I'm not at all confident that it won't break something else.

The original problem:  the Server.create method creates shared objects 
with an effective reference count of 0, making them vulnerable to 
premature garbage collection.

The solution in the patch: create shared objects with a reference count 
of 1, and make it the responsibility of the caller of Server.create() to 
do a decref later (once a ProxyObject for the created shared object has 
been initialized).   In effect, Server.create creates and returns a 
reference, and the caller then owns that reference and is responsible 
for disposing of it.
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