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Author facundobatista
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Date 2008-08-16.16:47:16
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What I think is that the AbstractHTTPHandler is grabbing the headers, in
the do_open() method, in an incorrect way.

Check the get_header() method from Request:

def get_header(self, header_name, default=None):
    return self.headers.get(
        self.unredirected_hdrs.get(header_name, default))

What it's doing there is to grab the header from self.header, and if not
there use the one in self.unredirected_hdrs, and if not there return the

So, to emulate this behaviour, in do_open() I just grabbed first the
unredirected headers, and then updated it with the normal ones.

See my simple patch I attach here, which solves the issue, and passes
all the tests also.
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