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Date 2008-08-16.09:59:15
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> I'm not a native speaker (of English), but my understanding is that the
> noun "string", in itself, can very well be used to describe this type:
> the result is a "byte string", as opposed to a "character string".
> Merriam-Webster's seems to agree; meaning 5b(2) is "a sequence of like
> items (as bits, characters, or words)"

Ah yes, that's quite right (and computer science literature will
strongly support that claim as well).

However the word "string", unqualified, and in Python 3.0 terminology
(as described in PEP 358) now refers only to the "str" type (formerly
known as "unicode"), so it is very confusing to have a method "tostring"
which returns a bytes object.

For array to become a good Py3k citizen, I'd strongly argue that
tostring/fromstring should be renamed to tobytes/frombytes. I'm
currently writing a patch for that - it looks like there's very minimal

However as a separate issue, I think the documentation update should be
approved first.
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