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Author alexandre.vassalotti
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Date 2008-08-11.05:48:46
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This is a bug in the C implementation of pickle (i.e., the _pickle
module). I think you're right about the missing exception check. At
first glance, it looks like the missing else-if case for "setstate ==
NULL", in load_build(), is the cause of the problem:

static int
load_build(UnpicklerObject *self)
    setstate = PyObject_GetAttrString(inst, "__setstate__");
    if (setstate == NULL && PyErr_ExceptionMatches(PyExc_AttributeError)) {
/*---missing else-if case---------
    else if (setstate == NULL) {
        return NULL;
    else {
        PyObject *result;

        /* The explicit __setstate__ is responsible for everything. */
        result = unpickler_call(self, setstate, state);
        if (result == NULL)
            return -1;
        return 0;
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