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Date 2008-08-10.10:49:51
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Le dimanche 10 août 2008 à 07:05 +0000, Matt Giuca a écrit :
> I don't think it's worth the extra code bloat and performance hit just
> to implement a feature whose only use is producing invalid URIs (since
> URIs are supposed to only have ASCII characters).


> If the QUERY_STRING is "foo=w%FCt" (Latin-1), with errors='strict', you
> get a UnicodeDecodeError when you call cgi.FieldStorage(). With
> errors='replace', the variable foo will be "w�t". I think in general I'd
> rather have '�'s in my program (representing invalid user input) than
> exceptions, since this is usually a user input error, not a programming
> error.

Invalid user input? What if the query string comes from filling a form?
For example if I search the word "numéro" in a latin1 Web site, I get
the following URL:
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