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Date 2008-08-10.08:37:33
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> Except, when we look at the context. This is bytes class
> method returns a bytes or bytearray object, decoding the given
> string object.

> Do we require an opposite in the bytes class method? Where will
> we use it?
No, tohex is not a class method (unlike fromhex). It's just a regular
method on the bytes object.

> No, it is not going away. str.encode('hex') is available to
> users when they seek it. They wont look for it under bytes type.

>>> 'hello'.encode('hex')
LookupError: unknown encoding: hex

This is deliberate, I'm pretty sure. encode/decode are for converting
to/from unicode strings and bytes. It never made sense to have "hex" in
there, which actually goes the other way. And it makes no sense to
encode a Unicode string as hex (since they aren't bytes). So it's good
that that went away.

I'm just saying it should have something equally accessible to replace it.
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