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Date 2008-08-07.16:59:52
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On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 8:03 AM, Matt Giuca <> wrote:
> Matt Giuca <> added the comment:
> I'm also attaching a "metapatch" - diff from patch 7 to patch 8. This is
> to give a rough idea of what I changed since the review.
> (Sorry - This is actually a diff between the two patches, so it's pretty
> hard to read. It would have been nicer to diff the files themselves but
> I'm not doing local commits so that's hard. Can one use the Bazaar
> mirror for development, or is it too out-of-date?)

A much better way to do this would be to use Rietveld; it can show
deltas between patch sets that are actually readable, and it keeps the
inline comments.  I've uploaded your patch #8 to the issue I created
there, and you can see the delta from patch7 starting here:
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