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Author mgiuca
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Date 2008-08-07.13:42:46
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A reply to a point on GvR's review, I'd like to open for discussion.
This relates to whether or not quote's "safe" argument should allow
non-ASCII characters.

> Using errors='ignore' seems like a mistake -- it will hide errors. I >
also wonder why safe should be limited to ASCII though.

The reasoning is this: if we allow non-ASCII characters to be escaped,
then we allow quote to generate invalid URIs (URIs are only allowed to
have ASCII characters). It's one thing for unquote to accept such URIs,
but I think we shouldn't be producing them. Albeit, it only produces an
invalid URI if you explicitly request it. So I'm happy to make the
change to allow any character to be safe, but I'll let it go to
discussion first.
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