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Date 2008-08-06.22:25:35
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> Line 1450: "%3c%3c%0Anew%C3%A5/%C3%A5",
> I'm guessing this test broke otherwise?  

Yes; that is one of the breakages you found in Bill's patch.  (He didn't 
modify the test.)

> Given that this references an RFC,
> is it correct to just fix it this way?

Probably.  Looking at

(1)  That is not among the exact tests in the RFC.
(2)  The RFC does not specify charset for the cookie in general, but the 
Comment field MUST be in UTF-8, and the only other reference I could find to 
a specific charset was "possibly in a server-selected printable ASCII 

Whether we have to use Latin-1 (or document charset) in practice for 
compatibility reasons, I don't know.
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