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Author gregory.p.smith
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Date 2008-08-04.03:55:54
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Thanks.  I've looked over your code.  The logic looks good, however I'd
like to propose a better design and that this not be included in 2.6.

Instead of putting this functionality in the MozCookieJar class, it
should be its own new Firefox3CookieJar class as it is an entirely new
file format.

A much better implementation could be made that actually works with the
sqlite3 file as a database rather than taking ownership of it and
deleting all cookies and rewriting the entire file on save:

The FileCookieJar.delayload flag could now be honored.

The save() method should only do the necessary update/insert/delete
commands rather than rewriting everything.

Its a bit late to get this into Python 2.6/3.0 as the final beta is due
out next week.  But thats fine.  People who need to manipulate ff3
cookie files can use sqlite directly and when a nicer FileCookieJar for
them has been written we can consider including it in python 2.7/3.1. 
Until then it can be an external just like the the one for IE currently is.
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