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Date 2008-07-08.21:05:28
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I'm pretty much out of ideas here.  Skip, if you have any time to figure 
out where the math.log call is going wrong, I'd appreciate it.  On Jean's 
machine, the problem was that the call log(-inf) to the C library's log 
function was returning -inf instead of the expected nan.

The actual function call takes place in math_1, in the line 
"r = (*func)(x)" (line 178 of Modules/mathmodule.c in the current trunk, 
r64812).  A couple of printf calls would show the inputs and outputs to 
that function.

Is /usr/bin/ccs/ld Sun's own linker?  If so, why doesn't it accept the -
xlibmieee option?  (Or maybe it does, in which case the question is why 
isn't gcc passing that option to ld properly.)
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