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Date 2008-06-05.19:28:16
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Your method is just flat wrong - equivalent to using a sledgehammer. The 
libraries fail to link not because gcc install is wrong but because the 
-m64 flag needs to be passed to the linker. Your method just fixes the 
compilation stage. You are blaming the gcc installation for your problem 
when in fact the /_*rest*_/ of the open source world builds just fine 
using gcc when the proper flags are passed at the proper stages of the 

This situation is so sad to see. This isn't the way open source 
development is supposed to be. Basically _/*you*/_ alone are the 
gatekeeper and you are refusing to deal with what is a very simple problem.

To be sure I really don't care anymore - we will continue to apply the 
patches that we have to fix the build problem however, we will also 
actively discourage the use of Python for our customers and all future 
development/deployment since it is obvious that as the maintainer you 
are completely closed minded and uncooperative when it comes to fixing 

My suggestion for the rest of the Python community is to branch and 
re-host the Python project elsewhere if anyone wants to see it move forward.
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