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Author strife35
Date 2001-08-23.14:33:00
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I have a related question, I have a project that I am 
working on, and I ran into an enormous amount of problems 
with file i/o as a result of pythons standard file stuf not 
using win32api, what I'm doing to prevent the problem is re-
building python, and my project (embedded into python) but 
in rebuilding i have edited fileobject.c to force all file 
operation calls to use their win32api counterparts by 
defining macros to replace the stdio functions.  I.E. fopen
() -> createfile(), ...The macro replacement accepts the 
original arguements, converts them as neccessary to the 
ones needed by the win32API func, calls the win32api 
function and then returns a value which models the behavior 
of the original function. 
        As you may have guessed already this presented some 
interesting problems as most of these functions are all 
passing around (FILE *) structures.  To work around this I 
am returning the HANDLE's that these functions return 
letting the program pretend that they are FILE *s.  I would 
have macrod FILE * to be a HANDLE except that one of the 
first functions PyFile_AsFile(f) is of type FILE *, and 
didnt like that very much....     Finally I had replaced 
almost everything..
      Currently I am down to 2 last problems, dealing with 
fputs(), and that in now in my tracebacks sys.stdout 
instead of being an open path to stdout so as to enable 
sys.stdout.write('whatever') to write to stdout and thus to 
screen, it becomes an error as 'my' file opener i believe 
attempts to open a file named stdout..  I havent had much 
luck trying to figure what happens in sysmodule, and was 
wondering if any one had any ideas comments suggestions or 
help to offer.  
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