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Author quentin.gallet-gilles
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Date 2008-06-01.22:40:56
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The attached patch removes all cl references from the aifc module and
updates it to make it usable in 3.0. It also supports more compression
types because audioop has been enhanced throughout the years (i.e.
support for alaw encoding since 2.5). The changes are the following :

- replace strings with bytes for frames read from an aiff/aifc file.
- replace / by // to have integer division back
- added ulaw (as an alternative of ULAW) and alaw/ALAW compression
because audioop supports them (I've tested them successfully, using the
samples from this URL : )
- removed all tests when trying to import audioop : they can't fail anymore.
- a bit of PEP-8 cleanup

I'm not an AIFF/AIFC expert, so criticism is welcome!
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