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Author gregorlingl
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Date 2008-06-01.17:35:13
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here is my contribution. 
The zip-file contains

- the module
- a doc-file turtle-docs.txt
- a subdirectory with a series of sample scripts and a demoviewer.
  (one of the demoscripts is a standalone script)

Clearly the docs have to be transformed to reST. I would do it or
participate but that certainly would only be ready within 2 or 3 weeks.
The end of the school year is near and I have a huge amount of work
in my school until approx. 20th of June. After this I have plenty of
time also for correcting etc. 

Of course I'll also do bugfixes etc. Anyway I'm interested in feedback
of any sort. 

I worked hard to do my best and I hope the result will be appreciated.
Best regards,
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