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Date 2008-05-28.17:19:37
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I'm used to be able to position the cursor by clicking on the desired
position. When running Idle (1.2.2 with Python 2.5.2) under Mandriva
Linux 2008 (or under Arch Linux 64 or i686 as well as FaunOS a Arch
based live distro) this does not work.

Running under windows it works, running under Xandros linux on my eee pc
 it works too, so it's not linux specific.

I already asked on the german python ng. There have been reports that it
works too on Suse and Ubuntu. But as of yet no hint where to look to
make it working under Arch oder Mandriva.

Strange enough, i can position the Cursor by Ctrl-clicking.

I tried with a tiny Tk program with a single text field - there the
positioning does work too.

So it seems to be a bug in the distro(s) and regarding only Idle not
Tkinter in total.
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