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Date 2008-05-26.16:14:20
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Certainly I'd like to file a contributor agreement. But I don't know
what is required exactly. Is there any template or example?  (There is
already a compyright-preamble in the submitted version - but I think you
mean something else?)

There is progress on most of the open issues and I have now a version
which works well with Python 2.6 and is fairly well documented via
docstrings. I could upload this within (at most) two days. It has also
those 2 features requested by Brad miller (msg64388) implemented.

But I have a few questions to which I need answers in order to continue
my work  optimally:

1) The turtle module is contained in one large file. But there will be
two versions, one for Python2.6 the other one for Python3.0. Right?

2) As far as I understand,  will replace in Python
3.0. Will replace already in Python2.6 or are the
plans that it will only be added to Python2.6? 

3) I understand, that compatibility issues are of primary importance for
Python 2.6. Is this also the case for Python 3.0? (If not some cleanup
could be done. I.e. some code, which is only there for compatibility
reasons could be dropped.)

4) How to proceed with documentation? Is it extracted automatically from
the docstrings? Or should I compose a single text file mainly from the
docstrings with some additional structure and  explanations? I also
would be happy to create sources for Sphinx, but that would take some
time (approx. a week) as I'm not familiar neither with Sphinx nor  with
reStructuredText. There are quite a few people around who would like to
help with the documentation, especially to amend my not very brillant
and clear English. This brings me to two very important questions:

5) How will the development of xturtle/turtle continue? There are more
than 3 month until the final release and it will be reasonable to use
this time to amend the docs (as mentioned above) and to fix those bugs,
which inevitably will occur during the beta testing period. 
- Should I prepare bugfix-releases of the module on my own and then
submit them every 1 or 2 weeks, or
- should the bugs and amendments be submitted to the bugtracker one at a
time and then be incorporated by some reviewer?

6) Who will be the reviewer? Martin? Or has the reviewer still to be
determined? I would very much appreciate some regular communication
about the open issues.

7) Where is the right place for this communication? Here at the
bugtracker? At Python-dev?

8) Another open issue is, if there should be added some sample scripts
to the standard-distro? What is your opinion?

More questions will certainly arise, but for now I'd be happy to get
answers to these ones.

Thanks in advance

Gregor Lingl
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