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Date 2008-05-22.09:16:39
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$ uname -a
SunOS ro1estw 5.9 Generic_117171-12 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-880

gcc 2.6.3   

When running ./configure I'm getting warnings like: 
configure: WARNING: curses.h: present but cannot be compiled
configure: WARNING: curses.h:     check for missing prerequisite headers?
configure: WARNING: curses.h: see the Autoconf documentation
configure: WARNING: curses.h:     section "Present But Cannot Be Compiled"
configure: WARNING: curses.h: proceeding with the preprocessor's result
configure: WARNING: curses.h: in the future, the compiler will take

This happens for many other headers as well (dlfcn.h, fcntl.h, and many
others  - i'll attach the whole list of messages). 

Then, the ./configure step ends with the following message :
checking size of int... configure: error: cannot compute sizeof (int)
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