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Author zanella
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Date 2008-05-19.18:08:25
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I don't know a lot about the matter at hand, that's why I'm not gonna
append a patch.

On "_communicate()" after a pipe is read it's closed, doing the same on
"communicate()" seems to solve the issue of the extra pipe:

 if [self.stdin, self.stdout, self.stderr].count(None) >= 2:
            stdout = None
            stderr = None
            if self.stdin:
                if input:
            elif self.stdout:
                stdout =
+             self.stdout.close()
            elif self.stderr:
                stderr =
+             self.stderr.close()
            return (stdout, stderr)


Tested on "Python 2.6a2+ (trunk:62767M, May 19 2008, 13:11:07)".
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