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Date 2000-08-01.21:10:13
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Jitterbug-Id: 121
Submitted-By: "Brad Clements" <>
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 15:53:01 -0500
Version: None
OS: None

The system encountered a fatal error 
After command: 
The last error code was: Connection refused 

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Here's what I said for Python 1.5.2 on Win32 #0

PyRun_SimpleFile, PyRun_File and other functions that take a FILE * are not 
usable on WIN32 from non-VC applications because python15.dll is statically 
linked to the MS runtime DLL. Embedding applications that try to use these 
functions are passing in FILE * structures that do not match MS's runtime 

For example, I'm using Python in a Borland C++ Builder application. Although I 
can open a FILE *, when passed to python15.dll the FILE * is not usable.

The addition of two helper functions would solve this problem:

FILE * PyRun_OpenFile(char *file, char *mode) 
  return fopen(file,mode)

int PyRun_CloseFile(FILE *ptr)
  return fclose(ptr)

This way embedding apps could get python15.dll to open the file and it would 

A temporary workaround is to always load the .pyc file in PyRun_SimpleFile..

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