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Author techtonik
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Date 2008-05-16.06:38:15
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Make curses available on Windows by using PDCurses library. Alternative
patch for issue 1005895 using current trunk.

Attached .bat file is used to compile it under MinGW, but I'd be glad to
know how to integrate the patch into Python build system.

PDCurses includes support for mouse functions compatible with ncurses,
but to turn it on if requires to define NCURSES_MOUSE_VERSION to 2
before <curses.h> is included. I am not familiar with configure.* stuff,
so I've just pasted required definitions into _cursesmodule.c
With attached .bat file it works by external definition.

Some functions, such as initterm are not available on Windows platform
and were defined out.

I hope that curses module will be included in next Python 2.6
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