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Date 2008-05-10.20:41:45
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> Which version of Python are you using?  I could have sworn we just fixed
this problem in CVS a couple weeks ago.
This was on the latest Python 2.6 svn... but looking at the py3k branch
with viewsvn the code is definitely still there too...

The relevant commit seems to be r30224 in 2002:
> I give up:  unless I write my own strftime by hand, datetime just can't
be trusted with years before 1900, so now we raise ValueError if a date or
datetime or datetimetz .strftime() method is called with a year before

Of course I'm not dealing with any of this in the attached patch, but
then I don't have the information on which platforms have the problem...
but according to the above writing strftime by hand would be the only
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