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Date 2008-04-18.13:38:47
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Here are the modification so far for item 9) in _sre.c plus some small
modifications to sre_constants.h which are only to get _sre.c to
compile; normally sre_constants.h is generated by, so
this is not the final version of that file.  I also would have intended
to make SRE_CHARSET and SRE_COUNT use lookup tables, as well as maybe
others, but not likely any other lookup tables.  I also want to remove
alloc_pos out of the self object and make it a parameter to the ALLOC
parameter and probably get rid of the op_code attribute since it is only
used in 1 place to save one subtract in a very rare case.  But I want to
resolve the 10% problem first, so would appreciate it if people could
look at the REMOVE_SRE_MATCH_MACROS section of code and compare it to
the non-REMOVE_SRE_MATCH_MACROS version of SRE_MATCH and see if you can
suggest anything to make the former (new code) faster to get me that
elusive 10%.
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