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I need to count pairs of strings, and I use 
a defaultdict in a construct like

count[a,b] += 1

I am able to count 50K items per second on a very fast machine,
which is way too slow for my application.

If I count complete strings like

count[ab] += 1

it can count 500K items/second, which is more reasonable.

I don't see why there is a performance penalty of a factor
of 10 for such a simple construct.

Do I have to switch to Perl or C to get this done???

Thanks a lot for any insight on this.

Best regards,

PS.: The problem seems to exist for ordinary
dicts as well, it is not related to the fact that
I use a defaultdict

PPS: I also tried nested defaultdicts
count[a][b] += 1
and get the same slow speed (and 50% more memory consumption)
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