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Hey, I came to Python from Perl, Java *and* C++!  I'm pretty sure the 
xUnits in all those other languages hold to the same basic API.

Adding more TestLoaders/TestRunners sounds like an excellent move.  I'd 
expect that once those common conveniences have been provided for, the 
core TestSuite/TestCase scheme will continue to be helpful.

I could certainly envisage the provision of convenience decorators that 
would remove some of the typical subclassing boilerplate  by 
transforming plain functions into TestCases.

I was recently sent a fun paper describing a mechanism for transforming 
doctests into 'unittest' tests, so there's obviously a lot of scope for 
fun additions and changes.

I'll be interested to see what people come up with, and to help a little 
if and when I can.
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