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Date 2008-04-05.07:04:52
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to reproduce the bug you have to have bison and flex on your system.
(Perl is used to generate some source files
but in won't be invoked by make in our case.)
To reproduce the bug you have
1. to change 'srcdir' in Makefile.
2. run 'make check'
3. run 'gdb tryit'
4. on gdb's prompt type 'r test0.c bla' and press Enter

I am using CentOS Linux. I don't think Linux's flavor matters though.

Please let me know if you need an additional info from me.

Thank you,

Neal Norwitz <> wrote: 
Neal Norwitz  added the comment:

I'm setting the priority to release blocker for now.  George, please
provide a way for us to reproduce with a stock python (ie, no third
party extensions).  Thanks.

nosy: +nnorwitz
priority:  -> release blocker



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