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Author schmir
Recipients pjdavis, schmir
Date 2008-03-31.20:46:10
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this works with python 2.6.
for python 2.5.1 I get the following gdb backtrace:
(gdb) bt
#0  0x00002b0d95118e2d in cursor_iternext (self=0x2b0d93bae870)
    at /root/src/Python-2.5.1/Modules/_sqlite/cursor.c:854
#1  0x00002b0d93dd1769 in wrap_next (self=0x2b0d94085b50,
    wrapped=0x2b0d95118d90) at Objects/typeobject.c:3897
#2  0x00002b0d93d7e0e3 in PyObject_Call (func=0x2b0d94085b50, 
    arg=0x2b0d93b5f468, kw=0x2b0d95118d90) at Objects/abstract.c:1860
#3  0x00002b0d93df9549 in PyEval_EvalFrameEx (f=0x664430, 
    throwflag=<value optimized out>) at Python/ceval.c:3775
#4  0x00002b0d93dfe308 in PyEval_EvalCodeEx (co=0x2b0d93ba8300, 
    globals=<value optimized out>, locals=<value optimized out>, args=0x0, 
    argcount=0, kws=0x0, kwcount=0, defs=0x0, defcount=0, closure=0x0)
    at Python/ceval.c:2831
#5  0x00002b0d93dfe422 in PyEval_EvalCode (co=0x2b0d94085b50, 
    globals=0x2b0d93b5f468, locals=0x2b0d95118d90) at Python/ceval.c:494
#6  0x00002b0d93e20f01 in PyRun_FileExFlags (fp=0x601010, 
    filename=0x7fff16f87a77 "", start=<value optimized
    globals=0x6246d0, locals=0x6246d0, closeit=1, flags=0x7fff16f86600)
    at Python/pythonrun.c:1271
#7  0x00002b0d93e2119b in PyRun_SimpleFileExFlags (fp=0x601010, 
    filename=0x7fff16f87a77 "", closeit=1, 
    flags=0x7fff16f86600) at Python/pythonrun.c:877
#8  0x00002b0d93e29f2a in Py_Main (argc=<value optimized out>, 
    argv=<value optimized out>) at Modules/main.c:523
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