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Author loewis
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Date 2008-03-23.19:51:19
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I cannot reproduce that; it works fine for me, with the same Python
version, on Linux 2.6.22.

Can you please debug through ismount, and report which of the calls fail?

The code of ismount reads

def ismount(path):
    """Test whether a path is a mount point"""
        s1 = os.stat(path)
        s2 = os.stat(join(path, '..'))
    except os.error:
        return False # It doesn't exist -- so not a mount point :-)
    dev1 = s1.st_dev
    dev2 = s2.st_dev
    if dev1 != dev2:
        return True     # path/.. on a different device as path
    ino1 = s1.st_ino
    ino2 = s2.st_ino
    if ino1 == ino2:
        return True     # path/.. is the same i-node as path
    return False
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