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Author akuchling
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Date 2008-02-23.23:15:22
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Random notes on bugday.distutils.patch:

* this change should definitely be applied, no matter what 
  happens to the rest of the patch.

* Yay!  Lots of tests!

* distutils.pypirc: I'm doubtful of the finalize_options() here;
  looking for '-r' in the args seems like it could get confused 
  if there are packages or other arguments that just happen
  to use that name.  It seems like a remote possibility, but still...

* distutils.pypirc: Class name typo in module docstring.
* Would the distutils.pypirc module be better named something like

  and not register.DEFAULT_REPOSITORY?  I guess it's more useful to
  have a single Distutil-wide default repository.  No action needed.
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