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Sorry I have not commented on this sooner; been swamped.

First, the error Alexander is seeing is probably caused by a source file
that has an encoding other than ASCII (which is fine as the default
encoding in Python 3.0 is UTF-8). But chances are the file has an
encoding marker at the top and that is not being picked up by Douglas'
code. Look at PyTokenizer_FindEncoding() for a way to find out the encoding.

Second, I am the wrong person to be reviewing this as I have something
under development that competes with this. =) I am trying to get my pure
Python implementation bootstrapped into Python 3.0 to completely replace
the C code. But I don't know if I will pull this off in time so this
work could still be useful. But if I have to choose time between this
patch and my stuff, I am going to be biased. =)
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